Do We Accept Multiple Cards For the Same Merchant Under $25 Each?

September 23, 2011

This is a question we get every now again. To be clear, the answer is “no.” What do I mean? For example, a customer has three Walmart cards valued at $10 each. Individually, Cardpool wouldn’t accept these as discount gift cards because we have a $25 gift card minimum. Some people get the creative idea [...]

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7 Best Halloween Pumpkins

September 21, 2011

When it’s time for Halloween, what do you think of? Costumes, ghouls, vampires, and candy? The first thing that pops into my mind is always the song from The Nightmare Before Christmas, “This Is Halloween.” This is Halloween, this is Halloween / Pumpkins scream in the dead of night… Besides the candy though, Halloween makes [...]

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Avoid Gift Cards In These 3 Scenarios

September 20, 2011

Generally, gift cards have the reputation of being the best option for a present. How can you go wrong? You pick a store you know the person likes and he or she gets to do some shopping. Fun! But – there’s always a “but” – sometimes, a gift card isn’t the best idea. In the [...]

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Victoria’s Secret Merchandise Credit [Gift Card Tips]

September 16, 2011

Thanks to our lovely customers, Cardpool recently found out something important about Victoria’s Secret merchandise credits – VS merchandise credits are not usable online. The horror! How do you tell if a card is merchandise credit? Under the card listing on the Cardpool website, it will say “This is a merchandise credit redeemable for $XX.XX [...]

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The New Starbucks Card With An Unique Design

September 15, 2011

In honor of October’s National Disability Awareness Month, Starbucks has released a new gift card for the Fall. Covered in Autumn leaves, this card has “Starbucks” embossed in Braille for the visually-impaired. As a discount gift card exchange, we see a lot of different gift cards. Most of them are plain plastic cards with a [...]

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Celebrate Happy Cat Month

September 13, 2011

American Veterinary Medical Association celebrates September as Happy Cat Month! This month is dedicated to the happiness and well-living of cats everywhere. Cardpool fully supports the happiness of our feline buddies and we can even help you save money while doing so! As The Conscious Cat states, What are the four basic components of a [...]

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Payless Shoes [Gift Card Tips]

September 12, 2011

You know when Payless Shoe Source have their Buy One Get One 50% Off sales? I get really excited. For one thing, Payless shoes are comfortably within my budget and they’re actually comfortable themselves! So when Payless’ current BOGO sale started, I was in a tizzy. I happily clicked away and bought a discount gift [...]

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Browse Cardpool By Discount Gift Card Type

September 9, 2011

One of the fun things about the Cardpool website is poking through it. A lot of things change on our site and we are constantly adding and removing features. My latest discovery is the option to browse by card type. Do you feel like going on a shopping spree at the nearby mall? Not a [...]

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Washington Post Deal Hunter [Cardpool in the News]

September 6, 2011

Read all about it! The latest Washington Post’s Deal Hunter column lists Cardpool as one of “three of the best” discount gift card exchange sites. Holly E. Thomas’ article focuses on the selling gift cards aspect of Cardpool, though she does briefly touch upon buying discount gift cards. Article highlights include: What you’ll love: You’ll get [...]

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5 Reasons To Trust Cardpool For Discount Gift Cards

September 5, 2011

When Cardpool was first founded, we heard a lot of good questions like “How do I know your gift card exchange is legit? How do I know this $100 gift card will actually have $100 when it gets to me?” Good questions, right? We’ll give you 5 reasons you can trust us for discount gift [...]

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