Cardpool Announces the Bulk Purchase Button!

by Lara on July 11, 2012

Cardpool is proud to announce our newest site feature: The Bulk Purchase button!

If there’s two things Cardpool prides itself on, it’s our technology driven company DNA and our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs. In the last few months, we’ve heard from a lot of people that they’re using our discounted gift cards to make big ticket purchases and were finding it a hassle to select all the cards to get to the amount they needed. Cardpool took this challenge seriously and decided that we could solve it with some good engineering.

Now, at the top of each “buy merchant” pages, you’ll find a big green button like the one seen above. All you need to do is push that button, enter the amount and type of cards you’re looking for, and then Cardpool will be able to automatically find the cards you need to get closest to that amount.

For example, if you needed a $1,000 of Home Depot cards, you would just go to the discounted Home Depot page, click the button, enter 1000 into the pop up box, and that’s it. It’s literally a two step process.

Of course, those who prefer to shop for individual cards will still be able to do so. We just wanted to make a feature that was convenient for people who had specific amounts in mind! We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always, feel free to leave us feedback on our website through the left hand site link. Keep on saving Cardpoolers!


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