We Love Talking to Customers

by Lara on June 22, 2012

Cardpool is always looking to better understand our customers needs. As a result, we’ve been reaching out to talk to some of them recently to get good, honest feedback, and we’ve learned a lot.


While a lot of this information is going to help us drive how to better our site and our product, there were aslo a lot of questions that we heard from some of our customers that have been answered in other places on our site that clearly we didn’t do enough to communicate.


1. We received a lot of questions about buying our gift cards including shipping policies and expiration dates. We actually already have an FAQ in place that answers most of these questions, and you can find it here.


2. We received a lot of questions about what are electronic codes vs. physical cards. We’re going to do our best to better educate our customers in the future, but in short, electronic codes are gift cards that can only be used for online shopping with the merchant. When you buy these codes, you are agreeing to only use them in an online format as we provide you with only the code and pin for the cards for fastest delivery.


3. A few of our customers told us they were initially skeptical about their savings since they had not heard about before, and it seemed like it was too good to be true. We understand that online shopping, especially from a new type of business like Cardpool, can be daunting As a result, we really want to work hard to be as transparent as possible.


More importantly, you can learn more about our passionate, dedicated team at our About Us page including our co-founders amazing stories and the rest of the team’s fun hobbies. You can also read coverage about Cardpool from major news outlets such as NYTimes, CNN, and Fox News at our press page.

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