The Ultimate Gift Card

by Lara on June 7, 2012

Cardpool was started to help consumers get more value out of gift cards by allowing for a better, safer secondary gift card market, especially since billions of dollars of gift cards go wasted every year.

When one Cardpool employee’s friend asked for ‘gift cards’ in their wedding registry, our employee wanted to make sure the couple had the most choice and value out of their gift. As a result, he and his friends pooled their money and bought them a single Cardpool Gift Card code which allows them to buy anything on the Cardpool website. Unfortunately, our Cardpool gift cards only exist as an electronic code normally (which isn’t very much fun at a wedding) so they also had a giant replica version made at a print shop to be presented to the couple.

Now the happy newlyweds can buy any of our hundreds of discounted home improvement gift cards or discounted home furnishing gift cards for their new house, all at a great value.

We apologize that we cannot actually offer giant physical Cardpool gift cards at this time, but if you keep asking for them, maybe it’ll be an option in the future…

Giant Cardpool Gift Card

Photo courtesy of Lucas Hernandez-Mena

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