Movies! Assemble!

by Lara on May 3, 2012

The time has come, superhero fans: The much-anticipated The Avengers is finally making its arrival to movie theaters this Friday, May 4th, and it’s sure to be explosive! I’m looking forward to seeing an all-star cast reprise their roles as Earth’s mightiest heroes, and seeing how all the previous contemporary films from the Marvel universe will come together in this exciting culmination. I’ve already purchased my ticket for the midnight screening and stocked up on some authentic Marvel apparel to get ready for the big night. Have you bought your ticket and gear yet? If not, there’s no need to go into Hulk mode: Cardpool is here to prepare you for the first summer blockbuster of the year with discounted gift cards on movie tickets, t-shirts, toys, and more!

Cardpool offers Fandango discounted gift cards, which is ideal for purchasing tickets in advance online and beating the long box office line for this already-popular title. You can also purchase AMC Theaters discount gift cards and other movie theater chains to buy your tickets as well as concessions. Select theaters will be hosting marathons of the previous Marvel films leading up to a midnight screening of The Avengers, so you may be able to score a bigger deal with our discount gift cards on these decently-priced marathons. You might want to stock up on these movie theater gift cards since The Avengers certainly won’t be the only hot film to come out this summer!

By purchasing discounted gift cards from Cardpool, you’ll be able to save big on all things Avengers and be a shopping superhero! Now assemble your team and enjoy the show!

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