Spring Fashion!

by Lara on April 24, 2012

As April is quickly dwindling away, I have realized that I need to shed my winter layers and start day-dreaming about what I am going to wear for the spring and summer seasons. With all the rain, sleet, and snow this past winter I (as I’m sure many, many others) am anxiously waiting to shed the parka and flannel for a pair of shorts and some sunscreen. But after browsing awhile on the internet, I am quickly realizing that my spring cleaning of my closet (and makeup drawer) may be an expensive endeavor.

Thankfully, Cardpool (my shopping crutch) has the discounts I need to help soften the blow to my bank account. I plan on making a weekend shop-a-thon using discount Macy’s gift cards and discount H&M gift cards. From all the discounts I can justify a splurge on those beautiful Tory Burch espadrilles at Bloomingdales and not feel guilty!

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