Wedding Season

by Lara on March 29, 2012

Spring is finally here which means wedding season is now upon us. If you’re like me, you often get invited to weddings from distant cousins, high school friends and co-workers. Although you may think the hardest part is finding a suitable date that friends and family won’t pry too hard into, the hardest part is finding the appropriate gift.

Sometimes gift registries aren’t exactly what you had in mind gift-wise. No one really wants the bread maker in most cases but, it’s usually one of the last items left to pick for the couple. That or the $500.00 crystal vase.  In these cases I always turn to giftcards because really, that’s what most of the gifts result in anyhow. My favorites would include Tiffany’s discounted gift cards and Crate and Barrel discounted gift cards. I find that for a young couple starting out together, these are most likely to be used and appreciated.
You may be thinking that among the onslaught of beautifully and ornately wrapped gifts on the table your envelope will look pretty plain and unnoticed. This can also be fixed: a little plain box from a stationary store or craft supply store can remedie this. Just add a little dried flowers or tissue in the box, nestle the giftcard inside, and top it off with a ribbon matching the color scheme and instantly turn that drap envelope into a pretty mystery!
Also, with using Cardpool you can catch a break on giftcards receiving a discount of up to 18% to help your wedding gift budget and hopefully allow you to attend all the weddings you’re invited to, leaving you only to worry about what to wear!

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