Spring Cleaning is Here!

by Lara on March 16, 2012

One of the longstanding rituals of spring is caused by the realization that the space we live in has become a bizarre and disastrous mess. And there’s company coming. Guests this weekend. Family coming to visit. Sets of judgmental eyes gazing skeptically at all the piles of unkempt stuff. It’s the season to clean up and get presentable again.

A lot of the stuff that emerges from the forgotten heap of winter is best tossed away, recycled, or donated, but some of the stuff you’ll find has serious value. For example, it turns out this wasn’t the winter you learned to ski. Or snowboard. Or play the ukelele to all your new friends gathered ’round the fireplace at the ski lodge. Noble dreams, sure. But sometimes they don’t pan out. Spring cleaning is the time to cut your losses and get some hard cash from the clutter. Get something you can use, because after all, there’s no reason for a valuable ukelele to sit around wasted.

As the cleaning progresses and you’re finally excavating that pile of envelopes on the kitchen counter, keep in mind this idea about getting the hard cash you use bcause you might come across some gift cards from the recent holiday season. Gift cards you don’t personally need. Gift cards that even as you opened them last December you thought to yourself “Mmm. Okay. This is great. But why couldn’t they have just gotten me cash?” Yeah, those gift cards. You didn’t get around to spending them in the last two months, and the next ten aren’t looking good either. It happens. But there’s no reason to let them sit around wasted. So what to do? Well, as part of your spring cleaning this year, get the cash you wanted. Sell gift cards for cash at Cardpool and reap the rewards of your mess.

For those spring cleaners whose process is more of an industrial undertaking, Cardpool is still a great resource. We regularly have a thorough selection of discount Home Depot gift cards or discount Lowe’s gift cards to make your home improvement project a financially reasonable enterprise. If all you need is some additional storage or a bit more organization, check out a gift card from home furnishers like Pier 1 Imports and Crate & Barrel or department retailers like JCPenney and Macy’s. The gift card that turned up on someone else’s kitchen counter might come in perfectly handy for your own project. Buying or selling, let Cardpool help make this spring cleaning process bearable, and maybe even profitable!

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