March Madness is Upon Us!

by Lara on March 9, 2012

Let’s face it: you probably aren’t going to win the Mach Madness pool this year either. It’s going to be your co-worker’s girlfriend who picks teams based on their mascot’s cuteness rating, a completely unscientific number that she whimsically assigns, finishing her bracket before you’ve made your first pick. Her accuracy, however, is consistent and unbelievable. Borderline surgical. And the fact that she forgets she entered a bracket until having won is totally unnerving. Connecticut’s way-too-adorable-looking Husky with its protruding pink tongue (as if taunting you, specifically) is going to rob you of another twenty bucks this year. No matter how diligently you’ve been following the Sports section or internalizing the TV commentator’s analysis, you will undoubtedly lose. There’s nothing you can do.

The loss of this money is inevitable, but March Madness doesn’t have to be a financial drain. There are steps you can take to recoup the funds. And yes, it has to do with discount gift cards. First off, check out our Sports Authority gift cards, which give you 16% discounts on NCAA team gear (visit Sport Authority’s Fan Shop for a tour of their selection).  Next, if you’re playing host to the televised games, consider the gear you’re watching it on. There’s a load of worthwhile technology that can make each game a little louder, a little brighter, and a little bit more like being in the arena. See our discount gift cards to Best Buy and Sears to make that technology an affordable investment for this year’s March Madness.

When it’s time to gather around the TV and tune into the racket of games, make sure you have the right supplies at the right price. I’m talking about food: chips, salsa, the works. The food can make each game a positive experience even if the outcome damages your bracket. Several of the merchants on Cardpool can help offset the cost. Try gift cards from Whole Foods or shop the grocery aisle at a local Target, Kmart, or Walmart. You can recoup your pool’s entry fee using Cardpool, or better yet, make your pool’s entry fee a discounted gift card (for some reason it’s less agonizing to part with a  plastic card than it is with cash). The goal through all of this is to make the big tournament’s end result (you getting helplessly destroyed in your bracket) significantly less devastating than last year and you being able to continue through March in a salvaged psychological state. Cardpool can help.

And when in doubt, pick the team with the puppy mascot.

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