Don’t get lost in the Oscar buzz: See the movies this year

by Lara on March 7, 2012

When it comes to movies, it’s hard for me to keep up. Enticing new trailers are on television every week. Some friend is always gushing about the film they just saw, how undeniably incredible it was. On top of that, there’s a whole century of old movies I still have to catch up on. Plus, when I finally do go see a movie, before it even starts there’s twenty minutes of more trailers featuring more movies which also look dramatic and appealing and I’ll have to go see those too (and preceding each of those: more trailers featuring more movies, and so on and so forth). In mathematics, this is known as an exponential curve, where each number features another littler number tagging along, and the little number looks so innocent and cute, but plot it on a graph and you get this ridiculous rocketing line that eventually just shoots straight up. The calculations are pretty exhausting. That’s how it can feel wading through the slush of new films. But fear not. The Academy Awards have come and gone and validated the movies I should be watching.

The all-knowing panel of big-shot movie people is here to tell us which of this year’s movies are worth our hard-earned dollars. The enormous slush gets narrowed down to a simple list of five. Five movies. Excuse me? Ten? It’s ten movies now? Okay, so now it’s ten movies. A simple list of ten movies to spend your hard-earned dollars on. And it’s that time of the year. The list is out. Personally, I haven’t seen a single one. I keep intending to see them all, but never even got started. Ticket prices are so high, and there’s no guarantee of a quality experience.

Luckily, the Oscar process has claimed to take care of the latter dilemma by vouching for which of the year’s movies are truly great. The only thing left is getting to the theater and buying a ticket, and there’s hope here too: discount gift cards. Cardpool regularly stocks a selection of gift cards to Fandango, a partner of several national theaters, and AMC Theaters gift cards and Regal Theaters gift cards, who have screens all over the country. Using Cardpool you can get your movie tickets at discounts of between 9% and 18%. Seeing those best-of-the-year movies is extremely easy. Better yet, AMC Theaters has a Best Picture Showcase the weekends leading up to the Oscars (, so if you’d like, you can see all those great movies back-to-back-to-back-to-back. It’s finally possible to keep up, or at least catch up, and keep that crazy curve in its place.


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