Do We Accept Multiple Cards For the Same Merchant Under $25 Each?

by Amy Nievera on September 23, 2011

Facebook gift cards, available at a Target near you

See those $10 iTunes gift cards? We don't accept them.

This is a question we get every now again. To be clear, the answer is “no.”

What do I mean? For example, a customer has three Walmart cards valued at $10 each. Individually, Cardpool wouldn’t accept these as discount gift cards because we have a $25 gift card minimum. Some people get the creative idea of selling us all three cards for a $30 value. While we could technically accept this, it actually takes up too much time on the processing end to do so. So, wanting to get your payment out as soon as possible, we don’t accept multiple gift cards for the same merchant under $25 each.

But don’t despair. You can easily take these gift cards to the retailer and purchase another gift card for the total value. The customer with three $10 Walmart gift cards? He can drop by a convenient Walmart, buy a new gift card for $30, and pay for the new card with his smaller cards. This transaction is not an unusual one – I worked in retail and saw this happen quite a bit.

How do you feel about this policy? Do you have further questions? Let us know in the comments!

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