Victoria’s Secret Merchandise Credit [Gift Card Tips]

by Amy Nievera on September 16, 2011

I Heart Pink Free Creative Commons Victoria's Secret Dogtag

Hello, bombshell!

Thanks to our lovely customers, Cardpool recently found out something important about Victoria’s Secret merchandise credits – VS merchandise credits are not usable online.

The horror!

How do you tell if a card is merchandise credit? Under the card listing on the Cardpool website, it will say “This is a merchandise credit redeemable for $XX.XX worth of merchandise.” Sometimes (very rarely), this won’t be listed under a card. But if you receive a Victoria’s Secret gift card that is plain, solid pink with the logo across the front – this is a VS merchandise credit card. 

Don’t worry if you bought a discount gift card for Victoria’s Secret’s website and it turned out to be merchandise credit. With our 100-Day Purchase Guarantee, just mail the unused card back to us with a note stating this is a return. We’ll refund the full amount to your credit card as soon as we receive the card.

Easy, right? What problems have you run into with other gift cards or merchandise credits?

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