Celebrate Happy Cat Month

by Amy Nievera on September 13, 2011

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American Veterinary Medical Association celebrates September as Happy Cat Month! This month is dedicated to the happiness and well-living of cats everywhere. Cardpool fully supports the happiness of our feline buddies and we can even help you save money while doing so!

As The Conscious Cat states,

What are the four basic components of a happy cat’s life?

  • species appropriate nutrition
  • an enriched environment
  • regular (at least annual) visits to the veterinarian
  • lots and lots of love and attention!
Species appropriate nutrition is an easy one. Don’t feed your cats crap. Pet foods commonly found in supermarkets and grocery stores are usually packed full of artificial ingredients and fillers that do nothing for our kitties. While there is plenty of debate wether wet food or dry food is better, wet food is generally considered the healthier choice as it helps cats consume more water than dry food and contains more meat than dry food. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their digestive systems are meant to break down meat and not vegetable matter, so you want them to have lots of meat.
I recently switched my cats from dry food to Wellness canned food, which has natural ingredients at the top of its ingredient list. Though I thought my kitties loved their previous dry food (they purred while they ate), now they meow frantically when they hear the can opener break into the tin can during meal time. Everything is eaten in a matter of minutes – they used to let the dry food hang out through the day.
An enriched environment is also an easy one. Cats love to play and climb and claw. Scratching is a normal cat impulse but I understand (and empathize!) you don’t want your kitty destroying the couch. How to avoid this? Get them some cat furniture! The Petlinks System Dream Curl Curved Scratcher is a popular choice. A cat tree hits all three necessities: some have dangly toys so the cat can play, various levels for climbing, and carpet or sisal-covered surfaces for clawing.
Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential. Without annual check-ups, how will you know if your feline companion is aging well? Cancer, leukemia, and FIV are health conditions the vet can check for. Caught early enough, you can prolong the life of your favorite animal friend.
Lots and lots of love and attention shouldn’t be a problem for a cat owner. My favorite thing to do with my kitties is smothering them with cuddles and petting. But, they also need play time! Something as simple as a giant feather tickler can keep you and your cat entertained for minutes. Don’t forget, veterinarians suggest 15 minutes of play time a day.

so happy smiling cat

How can Cardpool help you keep your cat happy?

With our discount gift cards, of course! Besides the usual Petco and Petsmart, we carry a lot of retailers you can use for your kitty.

  • Barnes and Noble is a resource for feline literature. You can learn why Garfield likes lasagna so much – and whether it’s good for him.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond is more than just housewares! They actually have a whole section dedicated to pet care, including fun cat toys and beds.
  •  CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreen’s are drugstores with a decent selection of cat food, treats, and toys. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the dry food, my vet doesn’t mind feeding her cats Fancy Feast so this wet food should be okay.
  • Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Orchard Supply Hardwarewhy are they on this list? Because these stores are great places for the DIY cat owner! Instead of paying for that over-priced cat tree (you gotta admit, some of them are over-priced), you can build your own with materials from a home improvement store.
  • Which leads us to IKEA. Surprise, surprise, this Swedish furniture juggernaut is also an excellent source for cat toys and furniture. It just takes some imagination and hard work. Need inspiration? Check out the pet category of IKEA Hackers, an awesome blog all about modifying their furniture to fit your needs.
  • Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are part of the same family company and both discount retailers have a section in each store for pets furniture, toys, and feeding accessories. Just imagine: a discount item and then saving on top of it with your discount gift card from Cardpool? It’s so frugal and awesome, it’s frugsome!
And now to play us out – here is one happy cat, Keyboard Cat!


Photo credits: Miss Claeson | [puamelia]

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