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by Amy Nievera on September 9, 2011

This appears in the left sidebar.

One of the fun things about the Cardpool website is poking through it. A lot of things change on our site and we are constantly adding and removing features. My latest discovery is the option to browse by card type.

Do you feel like going on a shopping spree at the nearby mall? Not a problem: just click on Show Physical Cards. Every physical discount gift card we currently have in stock will appear for your easy perusal – with a search box at the top, if you know exactly what stores you want. Cards are sorted by retailer, then by amount from low to high.

Hate the mall but love online shopping? We got you covered: click on Show Electronic Cards. This page appears just like the physical cards but shows only electronic cards. (Read our blog post, 5 Differences Between Physical Gift Cards and Electronic Gift Cards, for some help differentiating the two.)

Not sure what to get? Take advantage of our sales! Recently, our Victoria’s Secret cards went up to a 12% discount and Hyatt cards are 8%. These two actually work great together as an anniversary or birthday present – or just a surprise for someone you care about. Imagine this scenario:

You surprise the special one with a weekend getaway at a luxurious Hyatt suite. Once you arrive and marvel at the gigantic space, it’s time for the second surprise! You can either present sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie or give a relaxing and pampering massage with Victoria’s Secret’s great selection of lotions and creams – or both! (My personal favorite is the Love Spell scent.)

The best part of all this? You don’t have to tell your special one you got all this at a discount. They will think you cared enough about them to spend all this money and put together this romantic trip, when really it didn’t cost you that much at all. Score!

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