5 Reasons To Trust Cardpool For Discount Gift Cards

by Amy Nievera on September 5, 2011

Cardpool loves cats!

Unofficial Reason #6 Because we love cats.

When Cardpool was first founded, we heard a lot of good questions like “How do I know your gift card exchange is legit? How do I know this $100 gift card will actually have $100 when it gets to me?”

Good questions, right? We’ll give you 5 reasons you can trust us for discount gift cards.

Reason #1: We’re good people.
Are you snickering? Yeah, I hear you snickering. But that’s okay – “we’re good people” is a cliche. But at the same time, it does apply to Cardpool and our employees. Our founders, Anson Tsai and Timothy Wong, want you to enjoy Cardpool’s service and inventory, as does the rest of the Cardpool team. We work hard to make sure we get gift cards that have the balances the sellers claim and work hard to make sure you get your discount gift cards with the value promised.

Reason #2: Our 100-Day Purchase Guarantee.
Also known as our “Purchase Guarantee Program,” our 100-day purchase guarantee aims to do one thing: keep you happy. If, in the first 100 days you receive your order, you decide, “Eh, I don’t want it any more,” you can return the unused purchase for a full refund.

Reason #3: We verify the gift cards.
This seems like a no brainer but, for some companies, it’s not. As much as honest people exist in the world, the dishonest people exist as well. We’re careful to weed the bad cards from the good cards, the bad sellers from the good sellers. I can’t tell you how (or I’d have to kill you) but we do.

Reason #4: We’ve been around.
Cardpool isn’t just some e-commerce website that popped up over night. Yes, at one point that was us, but Cardpool has now existed for a year. We have investors and we have press. News outlets such as Consumer Reports, The New York Times, and CNN have mentioned us. Customer Gymbo Nut posted on our Facebook page, “I LOVE CARDPOOL! … Now I know to never ever go anywhere else besides cardpool [sic].”

Reason #5: We’re easy to contact.
On our Contact page, we list our email addresses and mailing address. Emails are answered within 24 hours – often faster. In the beginning, we did have a 1-800 number but we learned we provided better service through email. Don’t forget, we also have a Twitter! While I wouldn’t recommend it for emergencies, Twitter is still a good way to let us know what you think about our gift card exchange.

Now it’s your turn. Why do you trust Cardpool for discount gift cards? How has your experience been?

Photo credit: Michel Filion

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