Planning For Memorial Day With Discounted Gift Cards

by liz on May 25, 2011

Memorial day this year is on a Monday, May 30th. People celebrate this holiday in many different ways and it’s usually along the lines of barbecues, picnics, and weekend getaways.  The most common event that usually takes place, and you definitely hear and smell it, are barbecues. Heck, barbecues are known to make their appearance during many holidays. These barbecues are more than just an occasion to stuff yourselves with food, but it is a gathering with the people who are important to us.

For the party planners out there, we know that getting all the food, utensils, and decorations together can be a bit straining on your wallets. So of course it would only be wise to use discounted gift cards as you shop. Costco, Safeway, and Walgreens are just a few examples of gift cards available on our gift card exchange.

Flowers are also popular during this time. If you’re looking for stunning arrangements, you can get discounted 1-800-Flowers gift cards for 35% off!

While we are having fun and eating our hearts out, we all need to keep in mind that this day is dedicated to remembering those who have fallen and to appreciate those who are currently risking their lives to provide us protection, freedom and lifestyles.

Whether we give a moment of silence, pay your respects at the cemetery, or take a relaxing trip during the long weekend, we should spend this time with loved ones and to remember the original purpose of this holiday.

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