Discounted American Apparel Gift Cards

by sarah on May 18, 2011

As a proud child of the 80‘s, I’ve worn them all – crop tops, stirrups with multiple colored socks/legwarmers scrunched up my calves, side ponytails, L.A. Gears neon, velcro, Hypercolor tees, liters of hairspray, shoulder pads, mini skirts, and let’s not forget the shoulder-exposing oversized sweatshirts (call me Lolita)!    Didn’t think you’d ever again be sport high-waisted jeans with tapered legs?  Think again!  With styles like the Light Wash High-Waist Jean and the Spandex Jersey Blended Sleeveless Turtleneck (cropped = desk crunches), American Apparel ensures that the bright 80’s flame in all of us continues to blaze on.  And what better way is there to re-claim your youth than to buy it back with discounted American Apparel gift cards from Cardpool, your favorite online gift card site?!

Already have a gift card in your pretty little hand?  Check your balance online and start shopping in the store, because unfortunately gift cards are only redeemable in person and not online as of yet.  If you have a card, but really aren’t ready to rock those bodysuits; never fear – Cardpool is here to help you sell it for cash (or gift cards; whatever floats your boat).

Hope this helps!


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