Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with Discounted Gift Cards

by sarah on April 17, 2011

Cardpool loves moms!

I grew up having the kind of mom who took her mothering pretty seriously.  She was the working mom, who would still manage to whip up a home-cooked meal after her sixth (straight) long day of work and never complain about how tired she must have been!  Now that I’m at the same age she was when I was 5 and my little sister, 3, I am constantly in awe of how she did it all… how she still continues to do it all (my 22-year-old “baby” brother still eats at her dinner table).

As we all know, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8th this year.  Whether it be your own mother or the mother of your child or a mother figure, there is most likely some person to whom you owe a token of gratitude.  Lucky for you, Cardpool is ready with great ways to use our discounted gift cards to ensure you will be prepared to shower that special mother in your life with  some due appreciation.

What kind of mom is she?

While I consider myself to be quite the generous and thoughtful gift-giver, my mother has always been a challenge.  Perhaps because she’s done so much that I won’t ever feel like it’s enough!  I’d like to think that it really is the thought that counts and that you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!  What kind of mom are you buying for?

flowers1.) The Classic Mom

Does your mom shop at Talbots and on the lookout for the latest exhibition at the museum?  Surprise her with some fresh flowers, and try to stay away from the ubiquitous rose.  The Make Lemonade™ in a Vase bouquet from is fun and fresh take on the classic daisy which would brighten up anyone’s day!  Pick one up with your discounted 1-800-Flowers gift card from Cardpool.

Another option is a bottle of Coco by Chanel, which can be found at  This is wonderful update from the signature No. 5 scent.  Make her smile with every application!  Our Sephora gift cards are already discounted, but look out for sales for even deeper discounts!

2.) The Overworked Momaromatherapy

This category is for the moms out there who are constantly juggling their careers, families, volunteer work, etc…  Give the gift of relaxation!  Cardpool offers a great discount on gift certificates.

Or… create your own spa at home with these Stress-Relieving Eucalytus Spearment bath salts and take her away to another place with the Seaside Escape scented candles from Bath and Body Works, using our discounted gift cards.

knife3.) The Foodie/Chef Mom

These moms take their love of food and cooking to the next level, and what better gift than gadgets to make it easier and more enjoyable?  As someone who might fit into this category someday, I would highly suggest the following two must-have tools that I can’t live without in the kitchen: a knife-sharpener and the dish-washer friendly cutting board!  Let’s face it, having a dull knife is a pain, not to mention dangerous!  Williams-Sonoma carries the new Chef’sChoice M15 Electric Knife Sharpener which is geared towards Asian-style knives.  And saying that my Epicurean® cutting board has changed my life would be an understatement.  Pick one up for your mom with a dishwasher with your discounted Bed Bath & Beyond gift card from Cardpool!

4.) The Botanist Mom
Green thumbs are hard to come by, so if your mom has one – treat her thumb with some respect!  Home Depot has a vast selection of seeds, tools, plants, and even trees to nurture her talents.  With a discounted Home Depot gift card, you’ll even have room left over to treat yourself! suggest a personal favorite – the remains of a middle-school obsession with Japanese gardens – the Brussel’s Bonsai Outdoor Green Mound Juniper.  What else could be so beautiful, refined, understated?  It is the perfect compliment to an equally endowed person.

5.) The Crafty Mom

Last but not least, this is the category of moms who love to create, who don’t necessarily agree with Martha Stewart but TIVO her channel, and cannot stand to “buy something that can be made at home”.  For these moms, Cardpool offers discounted Michaels, A.C. Moore, and JoAnn Fabrics gift cards which can be combined with coupons for even a greater savings!

I hope you find these gift idea useful in your quest to find the perfect mother’s day gift.  We hope our selection of discounted gift cards lets you find a better gift for less.  Or better yet, consider giving her the ultimate gift of a Cardpool Gift Card so that she can pick out her own gift!

Good luck shopping for Mother’s Day!

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Jason May 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm

This is a great post! Thanks for all the tips! I guess my mom is a classic mom ;)


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