How to Check the Balance on a Sephora Gift Card

by liz on January 25, 2011

Hello all beauty lovers!  Who likes to shop at Sephora?  I know I do!  Did you know that select JCPenney stores have a Sephora store as part of their cosmetics department?  Although it’s a smaller store than some of their standalone stores, it’s still nice to know that you can pick up some cosmetic items while you’re shopping at JCPenney.  For those of you that don’t know, you can also use your Sephora gift cards at the Sephora stores that are inside JCPenney!

If you have a Sephora gift card, of course, it’d be nice to know how to check the balance of your card.  Sephora has a few different kinds of gift cards; the eGift certificates, gift cards, instant gifts and merchandise credits.  eGift certificates are sent through email and should contain and gift card number and PIN, gift cards come in the form of a plastic card, instant gifts are like e-Gift certificates, but sent through Facebook, and merchandise credits also come in the form of a plastic card, but is usually colored white on the front of the card and can only be used in store.

To check the balance of your Sephora gift card, use this link:  This link will only work if you have a PIN.  If your gift card does not have a PIN, you will have to call 888.860.7897 and choose option 1.

Once you’ve checked the balance of your Sephora gift card, you can sell it to us by heading over to and clicking “Sell Gift Cards.”  Or if you’d like to pick up some discounted gift cards to Sephora or other store, you can do that as well!

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