Cardpool 2010 – Highlights of a Great Year

by anson on January 1, 2011

As we kick off 2011, all of us at Cardpool would like to take a moment to thank all our customers for an incredible year.

The most rewarding part of running a gift card marketplace is getting feedback from all of  you. Sometimes we get things right, and we get to celebrate hearing about the deals you’ve found (we have a wall reserved in the office where we pin up the best stories).  Other times, we learn about ways that we can continue to improve.

Some of Cardpool’s best features happen when you get in touch to tell us what you’re missing. We’d like to recap some favorites from 2010.

1. 100-Day Guarantee and Return Policy

When we buy discounted gift cards, it’s impossible to predict what might happen to them in the future. Companies can go out of business. Maybe you bought a gift for somebody who didn’t love it the way you thought — although we all try our best, it happens! After taking a close look other companies’ gift card policies, we designed our 100 day purchase guarantee to take all the risk out of buying gift cards. This way, our customers have the peace of mind that they can return an unused gift card for any reason, at any time within 100 days of the order.

2. Electronic Gift Cards

One of the really great things about discount gift cards is that you can stack them on top of other forms of savings — sales, promotions, or coupons. However, sometimes you come across something while shopping online that you want to buy right now. You can’t afford to wait days for a gift card to be shipped to you in the mail. That’s why we offer electronic gift cards, to cut down on the time between deciding to buy something and getting ahold of an additional discount. We’ll email you the codes, and you can use them immediately.

3. Selling Gift Cards Electronically

If you want to sell your gift card to us, you have to mail it to us, right?  Well, not anymore.  Even though we provide free shipping to all of our customers, we understand that it can be a drag to drop off the gift cards at the post office and wait for them to arrive at our processing centers.  So we worked really hard to build technology that allows you to transfer and sell your gift cards to us online, without having to mail anything in.  How’s that for convenience?

4. Fast Payment for Sellers

When you sell a gift card, you have a good use in mind for that cash — nobody wants to wait around for a check to arrive. We’ve been careful about optimizing our own processes this year so that we get payment in your hands as quickly as possible. For example, we keep a prioritized queue of the orders that we receive each day so that we typically fulfill payments within the same USPS business day. Once we issue a payment, the checks are printed and mailed by a dedicated processing center. For bulk sellers who sell us gift cards in volume, we offer payment via direct deposit and some priority features that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re selling us cards regularly and you haven’t started taking advantage of these benefits, we’d love to hear from you at

We think 2010 was a great year for Cardpool and our customers, and 2011 will be even better.  How are you looking to improve your experience with gift cards in 2011?

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